Park Avenue Armory Features Art & Design of Every Stripe

Phoenix Ancient Art
Egyptian Faience Hippopotamus from Phoenix Ancient Art

No matter what kind of art or craft you might be looking for or enjoy looking at, it is most assuredly present under the single roof of the Park Avenue Armory during the young and vibrant design fair being held over the weekend from November 14 through the 18th.

“The Salon: Art & Design” celebrates its third annual incarnation, the second under this appellation, and boasts 53 exhibitors, the majority of which are significant European dealers. The most startling aspect of this inclusive fair is the depth and breadth of the displays found within a few feet of each other.

For instance, upon entering visitors are treated to the sight of glass and ceramic decorative objects created in the 1950s by Ettore Sottsass, displayed on steel and birch tree trunks (complete with the bark) by Andrea Branzi, all there at the behest of Friedman Benda.

Continuing along admirers of art and design will encounter the works displayed by Galerie L’Arc en Seine, including French Art Deco parchment-covered cabinets by Jean-Michel Frank; a ceramic jar reminiscent of a gourd and extravagantly glazed by French Art Nouveau master Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat.

Just across the way visitors will be swept back thousands of years into the world of Phoenix Ancient Art with their irresistible displays of beautiful ancient artifacts from Greece, the Roman Empire, Syria, Egypt and beyond. Admire amazingly new-looking pieces, such as a small, royal-looking female figurine from Bactria dated to the third millennium BCE. (That’s five thousand years ago!) How about an alabaster plaque, also five thousand years old, whose carved-out incisions of the body and face of a female deity can’t help but remind the onlooker of works by 20th century artist Magritte.

The vast variation of artwork here cannot be summarized in just a few paragraphs. However the common theme underlying all the works   at “The Salon” is beauty, creativity and expert execution. Don’t miss this extraordinary event now taking place at the Park Avenue Armory, 643 Park Avenue, at 67th Street; from Thursday evening November 14 until Monday November 18 at 5pm.


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