Gotham Gymnastics Drives Competitive Talent to Gowanus

When husband-and-wife Daniel Miranda and Ana Rita Nunes co-founded Gotham Gymnastics in 2019, they hadn’t anticipated just how much the program would grow in numbers and professionalism. With an extensive coaching background as well as personal experience on competitive teams, the couple sensed the amount of untapped talent there was in Brooklyn and its neighboring boroughs.

The group consists of 130 competitive gymnasts, ranging from 6 to 18 years old. Boasting incredible talent both in quality and quantity, Gotham has a record number of girls who compete at the USA Gymnastics Development Program’s top two levels. There are 15 girls at Level 10, the highest, and 27 who compete at Level 9 – impressive numbers for any program, and even more so for one still growing. Five of the girls are training for national competitions, aspiring to reach the Olympics.

With ambitious goals comes serious commitment. Practice at Gotham Gymnastics is intense. The obligation can be up to four hours a day, six days a week. This means built-in breaks for homework and snacks, and naturally, a whole lot of bonding time among teammates.

Despite the rigorous schedule, the Gotham culture is one focused on health rather than medals. The center prioritizes what it calls “a triangle of trust” between the parents, coaches, and athletes. In line with the philosophy of the founders, Nunes aspires “…to be the example out there of change.”

With the establishment of Gotham Gymnastics, young talent continues to fill our neighborhood. The center attracts many from all over the city, enhancing Brooklyn’s athletic scene and bringing pride to the entire Gowanus community.


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