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Rusty Holzer Continues to Revitalize South Dallas

Rusty Holzer’s Worth Capital Holdings partnered with Covenant Development to initiate a new project in the Cedar Hill community of South Dallas. The plan included a $42.5 million construction and refinancing loan to build a property which now includes 299 market-rate units across nine garden-style buildings.

Rusty Holzer, Principal and Chairman of Worth Capital Holdings, expressed his gratitude to Mason Joseph which facilitated the loan and to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for its partnership.

In his statement, Rusty Holzer said: “We wish to give our sincere thanks to Mason Joseph for being a valued financial partner and for enabling this new construction that the citizens of Dallas will enjoy for years to come.”

As the years progress, investors and developers show continued interest in South Dallas. Whether acquiring large office complexes, revamping deteriorating homes, or developing new apartments, the neighborhood is constantly changing. With the real estate market continually booming, it’s become quite common for less popular neighborhoods across the United States to pique the interest of developers and investors. Firms of all sizes have joined the trend, eagerly seeking out spaces with potential. Some aim to obtain abandoned properties or empty lots with the goal of performing makeovers, while others overtake buildings bringing hope for revitalization. In recent years, the southern region of Dallas, Texas has seen increased interest resulting in some large deals.


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