Powerful Dance Show

Founded in 1909, the Brooklyn Music School, originally a pioneering institution teaching music to the blind, remains to this day in Fort Greene alongside the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It strives to offer musical experiences to individuals from all backgrounds, highlighting the joy and intellectual benefits of musical performance. Besides regular classes and camps, the school hosts various events, including a notable contemporary ballet in May by Company Rouge.

Founded by Parisian artist Naïma Pöhler, Company Rouge addresses social issues through dance. The upcoming ballet, “Born to Be,” inspired by Simone de Beauvoir’s concept of gender as a social construct, explores themes of identity and womanhood through three acts featuring five dancers. It incorporates a mix of classical and electronic music by composers Allison Spann and Samanta Liza Shi, respectively. The performance also integrates a talk from a Planned Parenthood speaker, bridging art with community dialogue.

For those who are interested, the dance will take place today, May 19th, and also on the 23rd and 26th.


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