Brooklyn Prom Project Underway

The Brooklyn Prom Project just had its 11th year. This beautiful event takes place to ensure that economically challenged youth have a way to go to prom with pride. As the director of the project, Dawn Simon explains, “We know that costs for prom can add up quickly and that some kids just can’t afford to attend. Prom is one of those quintessential high school experiences no one should have to miss – and especially not for financial reasons.”

The Brooklyn Prom Project is actually part of a national project called the Operation Prom National Network. They operate as a national non-profit that works in tandem with churches, businesses residents, elected officials and others and manages to collect thousands of dresses for those heading to prom. Just a few days ago, all of those dresses were set up in a hall and eligible young women came to look and select a dress. In order to be eligible, students have to be passing all of their classes, be recommended by their guidance counselor, show a financial need and register with an online application.

This is one example of the many ways that resourceful and thoughtful individuals offer dignity and creativity for those in need.


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