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Sewing It Up in East Flatbush

Fashion Library group from the NY Daily News
Grandma would be so proud.   Three young cousins are sewing it up at their East Flatbush shop called Fashion Library and showcasing their streetwear brand.   As Roshawn Mussington said, “We risked our whole savings, everything. We decided it was all or nothing.”

Store Opening

If you haven’t been there yet — it’s definitely worth a walk over to the Fashion Library on Snyder Avenue.   Mussington opened the store in October with cousins Mckenson Cadet and Jermaine Clarke.   The clothing like, Rosh, given Mussington’s nickname, is drawing people in from the Bronx, Harlem and beyond.

They’ve been making their clothes for years, sewing the name “Rosh” on one arm of every outfit, and creating spicy creations including jackets, sweatshirts, button-downs and t-shirts.   For six years now, they’ve been working in the basement of their family’s home in East Flatbush, but this is the first time that they have a store to show for it — on their own terms.

Finding the Right Spot

Cadet explained that they spent a year searching for the perfect location.   Bluntly he reported, “Nobody wanted us.” They combed through locations in Bedford-Steyvesant, Crown Heights, the Fulton Mall and others.   Finally, they found their site right off of Utica Avenue.

Now, they are hitting the jackpot as Clarke runs the store and Mussington and Cadet sew up a storm.

Pearl Henry would be thrilled, reported Mussington, about his grandmother who taught him to sew at 11.   While their grandmother died before their business started, they reported that she would have been proud of them.   As Mussington said, “We came from nothing — she would feel really good.”


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