The Museum of Food and Drink Comes to DUMBO

Perfect for kids of all ages, the Museum of Food and Drink just opened on the 2nd floor of the Empire Stores building at 55 Water Street in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn. Their first exhibit called Flavor: The World to Your Brain opened on Valentine’s Day.

Explaining their mission, MOFAD says, “MOFAD brings the world of food and drink to life with exhibits you can taste, touch, and smell. Our goal is to be the world’s premier food museum and a global educational resource that inspires generations of curious eaters of all ages and backgrounds.” The idea for the museum started in 2005 when food writer and inventor Dave Arnold questioned why there is no Smithsonian- scale museum for food and drink. With time the idea evolved and changed and has become a unique, fascinating and informative location for the exploration of food differences, food cultures and more.

This unique idea is certainly one worth exploring and the current location is fun for all ages. Learn more, buy tickets and have a great time exploring the history of food and drink and many modern day considerations.


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