SEED Bklyn – Where Retail, Art, and Café Meet

Last Friday, the new, trendy multi-lifestyle space called SEED Bklyn opened its doors. With three days of ground-opening programs and events, both private and public, the Brooklyn and greater New York City community was introduced to this innovative space.

Located in the iconic Bed-Stuy neighborhood, SEED Bklyn was founded by local Brooklyn artist Christophe Roberts. His intent was to create an original concept which would invite the city’s young and creative minds, while giving space to mark significant events in the borough’s culture and history. Roberts explains, “SEED is paying homage to the borough of Brooklyn by not only honoring those very same artists and their legacies but also embracing and highlighting many of the emerging, creative talent coming out of Brooklyn and across the City.”

As part of the vision for becoming a hub for New York City artists, while incorporating retail and community service, some of the unique features of SEED Bklyn include:

  • The Oasis – an NFT gallery and art space featuring advanced technology for experiential viewing
  • Greenhouse Café – a relaxing café with natural, green décor, offering plants and vinyl products for purchase
  • The Garden – a retail space with exclusive brands on display and a “sneaker laundry” area
  • Community efforts include classes open to the public on topics such as entrepreneurism, freelancing, and more; work with public schools and community centers to build up gardens and outdoors spaces; plans to partner with local non-profit organizations.

Whether you’re looking to relax while sipping a hot drink, peruse through creative artwork, or browse the latest fashion trends, SEED Bklyn is a destination that offers it all. The multidisciplinary space is sure to bring even more creative talent and spectators to the Bed-Stuy neighborhood.


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