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Axe Throwing: A Trendy Sport

When people think of sports, it is probably safe to assume that the most common ones which come to mind are baseball, basketball, hockey, football, and the like. There are, however, some modern sports which have recently grown in popularity. One of these, which may sound startling at first, is axe throwing.

While axe throwing was historically an activity which took place during lumberjack competitions, indoor spaces dedicated to the sport can now be found all over the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Poland, and more. Axe throwing is similar to the game of darts. Players line up in different lanes and throw axes at a large target, with the goal of hitting as close as possible to the bullseye. There are detailed rules which vary among leagues about the distance of the throwing lines, types of axes, and scoring.

Brooklyn residents interested in trying out this unconventional sport can visit Kick Axe right here in Gowanus. Some have said the ambiance feels like that of an indoor lodge in Northern Canada. The staff members explain all the rules and offer instructions on how to properly throw an axe.

If you feel like burning off some steam and trying something new, invite some friends to go axe throwing with you!