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Industry City: Then and Now

These days, it is hard to walk down the street without passing some construction site or renovation project. So often the hippest new hot spots have the most surprising histories.

Industry City in Sunset Park is an example of a newly renovated destination which didn’t always seem so appealing. The location has endured many changes over the years. Dating back to World War I, the shipping and storage facility was controlled by the US Navy, and served as a major depot for ammunition, food, and clothing. In 1956, there was a massive explosion at one of the piers. Within the next two decades, the whole terminal was abandoned. But, the last 10 years have brought new life to the area.

At Industry City, there is something for everyone. The eight skyscrapers which feature modern office spaces are home to over 550 businesses. There are plenty of restaurants and bars, offering an array of cuisine styles at a range of prices. There are retail stores for all your shopping needs. The grounds feature many decorative lounge areas, making it a nice place for friends and families to relax. During the holiday season, the courtyards are filled with entertainers and festive music.

Having insight into complicated past of Industry City makes it even more fun and meaningful to visit. If you’re looking for a change of pace or someplace different to meet a friend, Industry City offers a refreshing vibe right here in the neighborhood.


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