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Hints of Spring at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

While it may be hard to believe, spring is on the way. The snow-lined streets may have you thinking otherwise, but the budding trees tell another story. At the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the reassurance of the sun and warmth to come is most apparent; the first cherry blossoms of the year have started blooming.

Typically, the Okame trees feature the first flowers of the spring. They can be admired in the Cherry Cultivars Area in Brooklyn Botanical Garden, next to Cherry Esplanade. About a week later, the cherry blossoms located in the Japanese Garden then start to bloom.

In an Instagram post, BBG wrote: “Over the next several weeks, the blossoms on BBG’s more than 200 flowering cherry trees will progress from buds to full flowers to falling petals across Cherry Esplanade, Cherry Walk, and the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden.”

If you’re wondering when to plan your visit to the BBG, the prime viewing season falls between April 1 and May 15. During this time, there are extended hours for guests to enjoy all of spring’s beauty at the annual “Brooklyn Botanic Garden in Bloom.”

To follow the progress of the cherry blossoms, be sure check the BBG’s CherryWatch page which is updated on a daily basis.


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