Brooklyn Public Library Adds Record Collection

If you’re feeling nostalgic, or want to offer your kids a glimpse into your childhood, you may want to stop by the Brooklyn Public Library.

In what it is calling a “pilot project,” the Brooklyn Public Library is now offering cardholders the opportunity to borrow records. There are currently 400 records in the library’s vinyl collection, with music from a span of genres. There are also listening stations set up with turntables. According to the library’s policy, three records can be lent out at a time per person for up to three weeks.

If you are looking for an activity with the kids, your local library may be a good destination. You can use it as a learning opportunity to show the younger generation how people once played music. You can show them how listeners had to hold the record in a special way making sure not to scratch the surface, how to insert the record by lifting and placing the tonearm in the desired groove, and the process of setting the speed on the player.

During these last few days of summer, enjoy some free music in the comfort of your own home or at the Brooklyn Public Library.