Free to Frolic in the Open Streets

All around the world, people know that there is simply no other city like New York. The City That Never Sleeps didn’t get its nickname from nowhere; there is always something happening. And even when there isn’t a special event, there are still crowds, traffic jams, and cramped apartments. While many city dwellers have become accustomed to the lack of space, most could still use a break from it all.

In an effort to provide some respite to New Yorkers, the city has implemented an annual celebration called Open Streets. During the summer months, specific stretches of streets are closed off to cars and opened to pedestrians. People of every age thoroughly enjoy the freedom this offers. They can play ball, sunbathe, read a book, blow bubbles, ride a bike, and so much more.

The initiative began during the pandemic to enable residents to escape their apartments for some fresh air. The city kept it up and has now expanded the number of participating streets.

This year’s Open Streets includes nearly 160 locations over a span of 300 blocks spread across all five boroughs. For 2023, over 25 new locations were added. The celebration runs until November, depending on the neighborhood.