Shop Zero Waste and Enjoy

If you haven’t yet shopped at the Zero Waste Daniel store or at their online portal, you may want to learn about this. Co-owner Daniel Silverstein has a unique vision and a drive to transform scraps and other unique pieces into one-of-a-kind garments with patchwork designs. The brand prides itself on sending absolutely nothing to landfills, a truly unique position to have in the fashion industry. They make all of their garments on-site using scraps that haven’t been worn from other clothing productions.

As Silverstein explains, “As designers, we’re meant to solve problems. Right now, we are faced with the issues of climate change, overconsumption, and scarcity of resources. This is the moment when we must innovate past the idea of a new hemline or silhouette and address the real problem of how we make and consume clothing. It is my great honor to be at the forefront of this movement.”

Zero Waste Daniel can be found at 257 Varet Street in Bushwick and online as well.


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