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Public Relations: The Oil That Lubricates the Machine of New York City

In the fast paced world of high finance, business, fashion and the arts, it is almost an undisputed fact that New York City is the fulcrum. From Wall Street to Fifth Avenue; Park Avenue to Madison Avenue, New York is alive with possibilities.

One of the cogs in this well-oiled machine known as New York is the world of public relations. Given the fact that New York is the most populous city in the US and is also the center of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world with over 19 million denizens, it is not a surprise that New York has an overwhelming influence on a global scale in the most dominating sectors in modern society, such as commerce, finance, media, art, culture, research, fashion, entertainment and education. International relations are also influenced in New York as a result of the presence of the headquarters of the United Nations.

This amazing vibrancy found in New York means that the business of public relations has fertile ground in which to grow and flourish. Some of the world’s greatest ‘PR’ firms have their headquarters in the city that never sleeps.   Of the 25 top PR firms ranked by O’Dwyers Journal of PR News and Marketing Communications in 2011, almost half are rooted in New York City. The firms of Edelman, 5W Public Relations, and Peppercom, all have their main office in New York.

According to the Holmes Report, 5W Public Relations has been “the most aggressive and fastest-growing public relations firms in the nation over the past five years.” Much of this growth can be directly attributed to the firm’s founder, 35-year old Ronn Torossian, who has over the past seven years earned a reputation as an outspoken critic of “business as usual” in the PR industry.

Dan Edelman is the founder of Edelman PR. Together with Richard Edelman, Dan has worked for almost fifty years creating a PR ‘thought leader’ willing to try new ideas. Edelman was one of the first PR firms to apply the principles of PR to building consumer brands. They also originated the ‘media tour’ which is today a standard of the industry.

Peppercom PR was co-founded by Steve Cody and Ed Moed, and was recognized as the Agency of the Year in 2006 by PR Week. What makes Peppercom different is that they make it their business to understand their client’s business, so that they are better able to serve their clients to the best of their ability.

Ronn Torossian, the Edelman’s, Steve Cody and Ed Moed, taken together are just a tiny drop in the enormous sea of public relations firms which help to make the exciting world of New York City business, finance, arts and fashion   continue to come alive, influencing the entire world.



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