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Nazi Chic in Greenpoint Boutique

Latest Fashion: Swastika Earrings

Apparently taste and business have no bounds, at least when it comes to the sale of earrings in the shape of a swastika in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood.

The small earrings, which are available at the Bejeweled Boutique, are on sale for $5.99. When the shopkeeper was asked why the store carried such symbols of inhumanity to man, she had an embarrassed look and answered that they were requested by shoppers. Confronted with the statement that “It’s not worth it to sell them” the clerk just shrugged and responded, “Business.”

The clerk could not clarify whether the earrings were selling well or if she thought they were offensive. Despite the fact that the Nazi symbol is also a symbol for some other religions such as Jainism and Hinduism, the fact remains that as long as the swastika evokes so many bad connotations in our culture, it should probably not be sold as jewelry.


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