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Red-Tailed Hawk Saga Continues

In the continuing saga of the red-tailed hawk perched on the 12th floor windowsill of the president of New York University, excitement has led to fear and worry.

The nest has been watched closely for weeks with a webcam from the New York Times. Experts had, sadly, concluded that the chance of any of the three eggs hatching into live births was almost nonexistent. Then, on Friday, a baby hawk was born! Violet and Bobby became parents, just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day. As the New York Times was quoted as saying, “Nature, fortunately, does not listen to the experts.”

Now, unfortunately, there are new worries. The webcam footage on Saturday picked up that Violet appears to have a problem with one foot, which is swollen and has something wrapped above her claw. One of the hawk experts quoted in The Times said that Violet is in danger of fatal injury. This, of course, would doom her eyass (baby hawk) as well.

The latest update indicates that they are now going to attempt a rescue from the rooftop of the university.


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