3 Easy Tips for Cutting Your Summer Energy Bill

As the summer approaches and our homes heat up, it’s time to start thinking about the summer energy bill. Many choose to just turn a blind eye to this issue and to pay as necessary to keep themselves comfortable. There are, however, some very easy ways to stay cool while also saving some money on the electricity bill. Whether you’re using a retail energy provider like  IDT Energy  or another company, these tips can certainly make a difference in your bottom line.

Unplug that Device: Plugged-in electronics really do suck energy and cost you money. Today, with the home filled with flat screen TVs, DVR devices, IPODs, cell-phones and so many other small electronics, the problem is even greater than you might think. Safely plug in as many devices as you can into one power strip and then turn off that strip when you aren’t using them. If you don’t feel like you can get yourself to do this routinely, at least do so when you go away on vacation or are out of the house at work or at school.

off tv

Re-evaluate Your Appliances: Sometimes, people keep old appliances around even when they have purchased new ones. You might, for instance, have purchased a great, energy efficient refrigerator recently and decided to put your old, energy—inefficient one in the basement or out in the garage. Do you really need this energy-draining refrigerator around? Similarly, do you have a really old microwave oven or air conditioner? Sometimes, while it may seem painful on your bank account today, buying new appliances that are vastly more energy efficient will save you so much more in the long run.

Get Your Doors Weather-Stripped: Weather stripping is really quite cheap, but it can make a big   difference in your air conditioning bill. If your doors aren’t properly sealed, then the cool air seeps out of your room.

These easy suggestions will help you to conserve energy and reduce your expenses without requiring a huge sacrifice on your part.


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