Clearing the Way for Easy Thanksgiving Travel

CLEAR is a company that offers facilitated flight travel for its customers.  With CLEAR’s recent return to Westchester County Airport, frequent fliers are able to navigate security there much more easily.  Bradley Tusk, of Tusk Strategies, has been working with this company to achieve its goals.  He explained,

“if we are successful, it will mean increased productivity and a better experience for travelers, enhanced security, new jobs created directly by CLEAR and new revenue for airlines and airports.”

The service is also used at Dallas-Forth Worth, Denver, Orlando and San Francisco airports.

In terms of the program’s benefits, Ken Cornick, CLEAR’s CFO and President pointed out,

“…people like to bring to some predictability to the travel experience, and that’s the benefit we provide.  They know they can get through airport security, on average, in five minutes or less.”

With the assistance provided by Tusk Strategies, CLEAR is successfully moving into various airports in New York, as well as other locations.  And, the timing is perfect.  As Cornick added, “with this technology, registered travelers will be able to get through security faster and with less stress, which is particularly beneficial during the holiday travel season.”

Armed with their CLEARcards, once passengers’ identities are verified through biometric technology, they can skip security lines.  They still have to be screened physically, but going to the front of the security line saves a lot of time.  The service costs $179 per annum.

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