Dry Harbor Rehab Upgrading Cardio-Pulmonary Program

Feb 04, 16 Dry Harbor Rehab Upgrading Cardio-Pulmonary Program

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Conveniently located in Middle Village, New York, Dry Harbor Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center is a state-of-the-art facility which has been delivering excellent nursing care for more than 30 years. Today Dry Harbor is upgrading their Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation program, a program which includes a team of full-time specialists in their fields. Under the leadership of its Medical Director, Vincent Rappa, MD, the cardio-pulmonary department has succeeded in lowering the re-admission rate of the patients under the care of department. The three major divisions of the facility offer care on long-term and short-term basis. The departments, Rehab, Nursing and Nutrition, work together to insure that residents get the best possible care. The seven-day program includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Dry Harbor’s pulmonary and cardiac patients also receive cardio-pulmonary exercise testing, vestibular exercises, and oxygen saturation monitoring. Patients in the care of the staff at Dry Harbor receive other amenities which make their stay pleasant and enjoyable. Among those services, which are offered at no extra charge, are flowers upon admission, a complimentary set of clothes, a bouquet of flowers when being admitted and a 32-inch smart TV with internet. For more information about Dry Harbor Nursing Home visit their Facebook page; and to find third party reviews of the facility, turn to...

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Sanders Challenges Clinton to a Brooklyn Debate

Feb 02, 16 Sanders Challenges Clinton to a Brooklyn Debate

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Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the two front runners in the Democratic bid to win their party’s nomination, already have a series of debates scheduled for the campaign. Coming up is a debate in New Hampshire this week; a debate in Wisconsin on February 11; and a third in March in Florida. Presumably Clinton checked her appointment book and saw time for at least one more debate, and challenged Sanders to meet her in Flint, Michigan as a way to keep the nation’s eyes on the contaminated water crisis in that Midwestern city. That debate would be scheduled for early March, right before the Michigan primary on March 8. Sanders’ answer: We’ll be there, but only if Clinton agrees to another debate in Brooklyn. Brooklyn has meaning for both candidates. Sanders is a native; growing up in Midwood and attending Brooklyn College for one year. Clinton chose to put her national campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, at 1 Pierrepont Plaza in Downtown Brooklyn. No particular reason was given for the Clinton Brooklyn challenge. We can only speculate that as a strong ‘blue’ state and the newest ‘hipster capital,’ winning New York State and the City would give either campaign a big boost....

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Four Muslims Claim Discrimination in Lawsuit Against American Airlines

Jan 19, 16 Four Muslims Claim Discrimination in Lawsuit Against American Airlines

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Four Muslim men from Brighton Beach have filed a $9 million lawsuit against American Airlines, saying then were wrongfully kicked off a flight from Toronto to New York. The four were among a group of six friends who traveled together to Toronto in December. Two of the friends, Shan Anand and Faimul Alam, claim they paid an additional $75 to change their flight so that the six could all come home together on the same American Airlines flight. The plaintiffs stated in the court documents that were filed on Monday in Brooklyn federal court, that a flight attendant removed them from the plane because the captain said he felt uncomfortable by their appearance. The four men stated that they “incurred great emotional and psychological harm from the discrimination and mistreatment” they...

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Lifestyle Trends for 2016

Jan 14, 16 Lifestyle Trends for 2016

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What kind of lifestyle accessories are hitting the shelves in 2016? What are the “must-haves” for the new year? These days, anyone who is anyone who is anyone can snap a great picture for one main reason: “no one is making a bad camera anymore,” according to Chris Gampat, author of The Photoblographer. Indeed, even those who don’t own a camera but are just snapping moments in time with a phone can get a pretty good shot; the only things you need are a) the desire to do so and b) a creative vision. Thus, cameras are one of the lifestyle accessories one needs in 2016. What else? Taking a look at the most recent CES Conference we find the following: cars – there have been quite a few cool new advancements in car technology. One of these is the vehicle function controls on the Band 2 fitness wearable (brought to us by Microsoft in conjunction with Volvo).   Ford, Amazon and Echo have done something similar providing the consumer with the capacity to unlock their vehicle from inside their home. Next up is the portable Apple watch charger from Griffin as well as the Magsafe converter for Apple’s new MacBook USB-C charger. In addition, if you are busy making a pie but still need control of your mobile device (heaven forbid you should be “out of control” for even two minutes) thanks to the Bixi gesture sensing accessory, this is no longer an issue. Finally, with the legalization of medical marijuana in many places throughout the nation, according to Adam Greenblatt, co-founder of the medical marijuana clinic Santé Cannabis, “the difference should be that people with a prescription should get cost coverage for that marijuana, and they should not be paying whatever excise or syntax is applied to the recreational consumer.” In other words, their quality of life will be enhanced by being able to get the marijuana through a legal source and not having to pay unreasonable prices. Each year we get more...

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Hoverboards May Not Hover, But they Do Spontaneously Combust

Jan 04, 16 Hoverboards May Not Hover, But they Do Spontaneously Combust

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As consumers continue to ignore the ban on using hoverboards in New York, the chances of seeing fires and explosions from these devices here mounts. For instance, last week New York saw its first hoverboard fire which began when a hover-board that was charging began to smoke, and then caught on fire. No one was hurt, but the fire department was summoned to put out the blaze in a Brooklyn apartment. Anyone caught using a hoverboard in New York is faced with a $200 fine. The popular contraption, which does not “hover” but rather rolls along quite attached to the ground, with wheels, has been exploding and catching fire throughout the United States. It is believed that faulty batteries are the source of the danger. The Brooklyn owner of the hover-board was charging his machine inside his sixth-floor apartment in the Kingsborough Houses in Crown Heights. At about 5pm on Tuesday the device began to smoke. The owner then became frightened and took his toy out of the apartment and placed it in the hallway, where it burst into flames.  Luckily firefighters arrived in time to put out the fire before any additional damage was...

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Brooklyn Remembers Its Only Saint

Nov 09, 15 Brooklyn Remembers Its Only Saint

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At the turn of the 20th century Raphael Hawaweeny helped to build the US branch of the Eastern Orthodox Church. An immigrant from Syria, he is now known as St. Raphael of Brooklyn and he died 100 years ago. This past Friday evening the icon of this saint was decorated with white and red bouquets and carried through the opulent St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral in Boerum Hill to mark the occasion of the centenary of his death, the Centennial Jubilee of the Falling Asleep of St. Raphael of Brooklyn. One parishioner, Al Rahey is proud of his association with St. Raphael and his church: “When I’m out of town and I tell people I’m from Brooklyn,” he said, “they tell me ‘Oh, we know St. Raphael,’ and I say ‘Yes, he’s our founder.’ ” Raphael was born in 1860 in Beirut to a couple from Syria who were escaping the massacre of Christians in Damascus. In 1895 he came to New York to take charge of a new Syrian Orthodox congregation forming in Lower Manhattan. By 1902, as the Syrian population grew in Brooklyn the church moved there. By the time Hawaweeny died in 1915, he was a Bishop, and over 4,000 people attended his funeral. In 2000 he was canonized at a monastery in Pennsylvania. The icon of St. Raphael is a framed painting of him wearing a red-robe and a halo. It will be carried by the shrine at the front of the church, where one of his finger-bones is on display in a glass case. Mr. Rahey, who is also the caretaker, said this moment is a joyous occasion for him and his church: “It’s something that we cherish because he founded our church,” he said. “Who knows if he didn’t found it what it would be...

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