A New Cookbook Celebrating NYC’s Asian Communities

While the COVID-19 pandemic was a terrible time for so many, there were also some inspirational and interesting things that came out of the time period. One example is a lovely new cookbook called “Made Here: Recipes and Reflections From New York City’s Asian Communities.” This cookbook was brought together by the volunteers at Send Chinatown Love and was intended as a way to support small Asian-owned businesses during Covid.

This brightly photographed volume is an expansive journey through the diverse culinary traditions of New York’s Asian communities. It’s not just a cookbook; it’s a narrative of migration, politics, culture, and appetite, all viewed through the prism of New York City’s melting pot. The book provides an intimate glimpse into the lives and kitchens of various Asian nationalities, weaving personal stories with culinary traditions.

What makes “Made Here” stand out is its inclusivity and depth. Whether you are looking for something quite simple, or a more elaborate and elegant dinner choice, there is something for everyone here. The book goes beyond recipes, offering cooking tips, insights into sourcing ingredients, and a deep dive into the culinary landscapes of New York, including the storied Mott and Pell Streets.

“Made Here” invites you on a delightful journey through the flavors and stories of New York’s Asian communities.


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