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Camden Treatment Associates in New Jersey Offers Comprehensive Medical Treatment to Opiate Addiction

Camden Treatment Associates

Camden Treatment Associates in New Jersey provides a a CARF-accredited medication-assisted treatment program that is proving successful in helping those who suffer from drug addiction. Dr. John Holtsclaw is the founder and Medical Director of Camden Treatment Associates.

The New Jersey based medical team aims for lasting recovery and improved quality of life for it’s patients grappling with opioid and substance addiction disorders. Camden Treatment Associates methods go beyond addressing the addiction itself, delving into underlying triggers, emotional responses, and behaviors to ensure a comprehensive recovery process.

Camden Treatment Associates methods include CBT, MI, RP and the Matrix Model. CBT, otherwise known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is a widely used method for addiction recovery which helps patients identify and manage the emotional triggers that lead to substance abuse. MI, Motivational Interviewing, facilitates behavior change in addiction treatment through a collaborative approach, where patients and counselors explore issues without preconceived judgments or paths.

RP, Relapse Prevention, is taken very seriously and employs CBT practices to equip individuals nearing the end of their treatment with strategies to maintain sobriety and avoid relapsing into substance abuse. Finally, with the Matrix Model, patients have a framework for long-term sobriety, learning about issues that lead to addiction and relapse and about becoming familiar with self-help programs.

Each of these approaches contributes uniquely to the recovery process, addressing not only the physical aspects of addiction but also the psychological and emotional factors.

Addiction and the opioid crisis have taken center stage in New Jersey and in other states around the country in the last decade. Much has been written about the opioid crisis and the many efforts being taken to curb the epidemic. In the early 2020s, researchers were noting that the reported drug overdose deaths in the United States were higher than those anywhere else in the world.