Mayor Proposes Ambitious Streetcar Project for Brooklyn-Queens

Feb 07, 16 Mayor Proposes Ambitious Streetcar Project for Brooklyn-Queens

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At an expected cost of 2.5 billion, the newly proposed Brooklyn-Queens streetcar plan is the most ambitious to date urban engineering project of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration. The line, which was announced in the mayor’s State of the City speech last week, will travel along the East River waterfront for 16 scenic miles. It will be part of the roads already in use, and will flow along with the regular automobile traffic. The location is key: the area which will be served by the streetcar is undergoing rapid development, and it is relatively far from traditional subway lines. The price tag is another selling point, as it is substantially lower than building a new underground subway line. There will be some bumps along the way to a functioning streetcar system, as Alicia Glen, deputy mayor for housing and economic development acknowledged that there are “some significant engineering challenges when you are putting a modern system like this in a very old city.” “The old transportation system was a hub-and-spoke approach, where people went into Manhattan for work and came back out,” Ms. Glen said. “This is about mapping transit to the future of New...

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Four Muslims Claim Discrimination in Lawsuit Against American Airlines

Jan 19, 16 Four Muslims Claim Discrimination in Lawsuit Against American Airlines

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Four Muslim men from Brighton Beach have filed a $9 million lawsuit against American Airlines, saying then were wrongfully kicked off a flight from Toronto to New York. The four were among a group of six friends who traveled together to Toronto in December. Two of the friends, Shan Anand and Faimul Alam, claim they paid an additional $75 to change their flight so that the six could all come home together on the same American Airlines flight. The plaintiffs stated in the court documents that were filed on Monday in Brooklyn federal court, that a flight attendant removed them from the plane because the captain said he felt uncomfortable by their appearance. The four men stated that they “incurred great emotional and psychological harm from the discrimination and mistreatment” they...

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Police Seize Weed and ‘Rooms Shipped from West

Dec 06, 15 Police Seize Weed and ‘Rooms Shipped from West

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Reacting to a tip from Homeland Security, the NYPD grabbed a shipping container at the Brooklyn waterfront filled with marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms and other drugs. The container, which arrived in Brooklyn from Oregon and California, had over 290 pounds of pot and other drugs within. The police observed as two men and one woman drove up to the container in a U-Haul truck and a Hyundai at Maspeth Avenue dock in East Williamsburg. They watched as the threesome transferred the contents of the container into the truck, and then drove away. The police followed and stopped them at Morgan Avenue, saying they had gone through a red light. After a search warrant was obtained by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, the three were arrested and charged with multiple counts of drug possession. The three, who are residents of Long Island, said they were paid $1,000 per person to bring the drugs to a storage unit in Long Island. They are Michael Clemente, Frank Hollen, 27, and Hollen’s fiancée Emily Lynch,...

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Phoenix Ancient Art Teams with Helly Nahmad Gallery- Mnemosyne: de Chirico and Antiquity

Nov 01, 15 Phoenix Ancient Art Teams with Helly Nahmad Gallery- Mnemosyne: de Chirico and Antiquity

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Admirers of modern art and Greek classic art will be pleased to hear that Phoenix Ancient Art and the Helly Nahmad Gallery are joining together to exhibit for the first time the paintings of Giorgio de Chirico with original Greek and Roman antiquities. Under the leadership of brothers Ali and Hicham Aboutam, Phoenix Ancient Art will present classic Greek and Roman antiquities, all sourced from private collections, at the Helly Nahmad Gallery. This prominent New York gallery specializes in major twentieth century artists such as Picasso, Calder, Kandinsky and de Chirico, whose work is the focal point of this upcoming show. The goal of the exhibit is to elucidate the enormous impact classical Greek and Roman art has had on the styles and statements of modern art and artists. Greek-born Italian master Giorgio de Chirico is most famous for his connection with the Surrealists of the early twentieth century, but he made a shift in style during the 1920s. The paintings from that period of change include a series which was frequently misunderstood, depicting deserted valleys with scattered classical ruins; majestic horses in windblown landscapes; figurative representations of Greek gods and philosophers; and gladiators in full armor suits. Juxtaposing these paintings with the genuine Greek ancient art is a brilliant way to see the incredible influence this body of art has had on the artists of modernity. Apropos to this theme, the exhibit, which is opening on November 4th and running until December 23rd, is called Mnemosyne: de Chirico and Antiquity, referring to the Greek goddess who was the mother to the Muses, and the embodiment of memory personified. The myth of Mnemosyne tells us that without her there would be no memory, no history, and therefore mankind would be void of the motivation and inspiration to create works of art, or to be creative at all. In addition the exhibit hopes to inspire us to understand and take seriously the unique and crucial role the past has played in the world of today,...

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Brooklyn Celebrates Books: 2015

Sep 16, 15 Brooklyn Celebrates Books: 2015

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It has been ten years since Brooklyn launched its week-long festival of books, books and more books, with this year’s installment commencing on Sunday, September 20 at 10am. However, a week is simply not enough to get in all the great activities, so there will be unofficial events taking place all this week as a lead up to the actual festival itself. Wednesday, September 16: Saul Williams, CNN’s “poet laureate of hip-hop” is having a book launch at the Powerhouse Arena, 37 Main Street; 7pm-9pm. Thursday, September 17: “Big Bang Theory’s” adorable doctor of astrophysics, has written a book in real life. Kunal Nayyar will talk about his new book “Yes My Accent is Real: and Some Other Things I Haven’t Told You” at Barns & Noble at Union Square, 33 East 17th Street, Manhattan, at 7pm. Friday, September 18: Brooklyn Indie Party, a place to rub elbows and share a toast with some of Brooklyn’s most literary residents. Johnny Temple will be the DJ at Greenlight Bookstore, 686 Fulton Street at 7:30pm. Saturday, September 19: The Brooklyn Public Library at 10 Grand Army Plaza will play host to an interpretive reading of “Alice in Wonderland” on the 150th anniversary of this classic children’s book. The Lewis Carroll Society of North America will be in costume to take on the beloved characters who attended the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. 11am. On Sunday the real Brooklyn Book Festival begins. For more information go to the Festival’s official web...

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