Bark If You Love Dog Shows

If you’re looking for something light and fun to enjoy this month in Brooklyn Heights, this may be just the thing for you! The BHA Dog Show will be coming to Montague Street on May 19th where you can enjoy some friendly competition and some great ways for your dog to get out and enjoy. They plan to have doggie pools, dog portrait artists, training experts on hand, and more.

To enter the dog show, you just have to be a resident of Brooklyn Heights and have an immunized and leashed dog. There are six areas of the competition that include Best Trick, Best Tail, Best Ears, Looks Most Like Owner, Most Adorable (up to 50 pounds) and Most Adorable (Over 50 pounds). Each category costs $15 for registration and you can register for as many categories as you desire (with a 25 dog limit per category). All registration fees will go to Paws NY, which is a nonprofit that helps vulnerable New Yorkers get assistance with their pets.


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