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iPad 2 Flying Off Shelves in New York

With the new iPad 2 going on sale this week, people all over New York — and all over the country — were scrambling to be the first to get their hands on this hot new device. Apple has, apparently, sold approximately half a million iPad 2 tablets over its first weekend and most locations that sell them, including the Fifth Avenue store in New York, are completely sold out.

Getting Creative

One New Yorker certainly made her money’s worth while waiting for the iPad 2. After waiting almost 41 hours at the Apple flagship store in New York, Amanda Foote sold her spot for $900 to another desperate soul! Foote, a student at Manhattan Community College, gave her spot over to app developer Hazem Sayed. Sayed said that he was willing to pay the steep price because he would be traveling for business over the weekend and wanted to take the iPad 2 along for the ride.

Precedent for Profit

Certainly, this isn’t the first time that the patient person at the front of the queue has made a profit from a crazed techie. When Apple first came out with the iPhone4 last June, spots in line were reportedly going for as much as $1200. And what does Foote plan to do with her $900? Well, she’s hoping to grab tickets to see Lady Gaga in concert, without waiting in line to do so.


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