Police Seize Weed and ‘Rooms Shipped from West

Dried marijuana bud.
Dried marijuana bud.

Reacting to a tip from Homeland Security, the NYPD grabbed a shipping container at the Brooklyn waterfront filled with marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms and other drugs.

The container, which arrived in Brooklyn from Oregon and California, had over 290 pounds of pot and other drugs within. The police observed as two men and one woman drove up to the container in a U-Haul truck and a Hyundai at Maspeth Avenue dock in East Williamsburg. They watched as the threesome transferred the contents of the container into the truck, and then drove away. The police followed and stopped them at Morgan Avenue, saying they had gone through a red light.

After a search warrant was obtained by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, the three were arrested and charged with multiple counts of drug possession. The three, who are residents of Long Island, said they were paid $1,000 per person to bring the drugs to a storage unit in Long Island. They are Michael Clemente, Frank Hollen, 27, and Hollen’s fiancée Emily Lynch, 28.


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