Woman Offering Great ‘Dos to Unemployed

If you’re unemployed and need a lift before that next job interview — a Bedford-Stuyvesant hair salon has just the thing for you.   Donna’s Hair Salon at 481 Nostrand Ave. is offering a special for out of work women.   Owned by Deivin Jemmott and her mom, the special is intended to help women to get back on their feet.

To their disappointment, only five women have taken them up on the offer so far. As Jemmott explains,

“At least one person a day comes in here and inquires about it. But they don’t come back. Maybe they have too much pride.”

Jemmott first came up with the idea during a hair convention where stylists were talking about charity work.   She later posted a sign in the store that says, “Looking for a job and can’t afford to get their hair done…We’ll help! Come in on Mon & Tue 10am to 1pm to get a free hair service.”

She explains that there will be no questions asked, and that she’s simply doing this to try to help women in the area.

Hopefully, more of them will come in and allow Jemmott to make good on her promise and to give back to the people in her area. Charity work, after all, can only be done if those in need accept the help.


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