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Go Brooklyn Art Contest Coming Soon

Next week, Brooklyn residents will decide for themselves which artists belong in the Brooklyn Museum. That’s because the people’s choice competition will be taking place, where people can visit the studios of 1800 artists on September 8th and 9th and then cast their vote for their top three artists.

The ten artists with the most votes will be honored with a three-month museum exhibition spot starting on December 1. They would be showcased at the Brooklyn Museum in Prospect Heights and would, undoubtedly, enjoy quite a boost to their careers. The Go Brooklyn Art contest with curator Sharon Matt Atkins

“is about artists opening their doors and having conversations about art.” As she explained, “We want all of New York to come out and meet Brooklyn’s artists.”

Atkins explained that she and another curator will get the final say about which artists are part of the exhibit — and she said that they hope to have as many as 10 finalists (although it could be slightly less).

In the running are artists from 46 of the 67 Brooklyn neighborhoods, an impressive turnout for the area. Art entries include everything from very traditional style like those of 90 year old artist Isaak Vaynshelboym from Brighton Beach to the performance art by 33 year old Aisha Cousins. Cousins has created a game called AfroBattles which is, she explains, “a game created to make children appreciate kinky hair.” The goal of the game is to see who can stick more chopsticks or pens and pencils into their hair.

Learn more about Go Brooklyn Art and next week’s competition here:


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