Get Ready to Move Like Jagger at Barclays Center

Fifty Years of Rolling Stones

Are you ready to rock? If not, you have until November to get in shape for the Rolling Stones performance at Barclay’s Center.

The Stones have started rehearsing for a series of shows in honor of their 50th (!) anniversary, so far planning two shows in New York and two in London, according to Billboard magazine. Prices and exact dates have not yet been released.

The new rules regarding the use of alcohol at Barclays Center were released yesterday together with the announcement that the Stones were coming to town. Alcohol will be permitted only up until the beginning of the fourth quarter of all NBA games played at the Center, allowing Nets fans to sober up before they leave the arena. Other events at Barclays will not have any time limit on drinking alcohol.

The liquor license received by Barclays was highly controversial; nevertheless the State Liquor Authority approved the license, but cutting back on the time alcohol can be served by an hour; from 2am to a 1am limitation.

Brooklyn residents near the Center had been demanded that the license restrict the sale of alcohol to 10pm, arguing that otherwise there will be drunken patrons walking past their homes late at night, which is not a pretty sight.

“The arena is unique in the way it is woven into the neighborhood around it,” said Peter Krashes, president of the Dean Street Block Association. “It’s not like Madison Square Garden.

Although this is a legitimate concern, it is most likely not much of a worry during the Rolling Stones concert. More of an issue will be if there will be enough room for patrons to leave their walkers and wheel chairs while they enjoy the show.


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