Miss New York Named Second Runner-Up

Kaitlin Monte, Miss New York, was named “Second runner-up” or third place on Saturday night, coming up right behind Miss Oklahoma Betty Thompson and Miss America 2012 crown winner Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler.

Monte earned a $1,000 scholarship for winning the fitness category of the competition, has spoken against bullying, and also revealed her disapproval of the Occupy Wall Street movement when asked if it ‘has a point’ during an interview session. She said: “The thing about Occupy Wall Street is, if they’re going to come up and complain about a problem, they have to come up with some solutions, too. You can’t just say there is a problem without trying to troubleshoot.”

Kaeppeler was asked whether Miss America should voice political opinions, to which she responded no, because Miss America represents the entire nation. Miss Oklahoma was asked if the government has a right to dictate a child’s diet, to which she responded “Parents should be the ones who are teaching their children how to eat, and then it wouldn’t be the government’s responsibility to have to step in.”

Miss New York expressed her appreciation to her fans before the pageant, writing on her Facebook page: “You are all incredible! Thanks for sending so much love! Tonight I am a winner because, win or not, the work I am doing will continue. You have made me feel like Miss America already and I will behave as such no matter how the cards fall. This year was the start of the rest of my life. I am indebted to your beautiful support. Thank you for helping me turn my life into one of service.”


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