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“POW: Pop Now” Having an Impact with Brooklyn Artists

TNC Gallery
TNC Gallery

If you enjoy pop culture and art, make your way over to the TNC Gallery at 155 First Avenue from April 17th until May 19th. What you’ll find there is an exhibit called “POW: Pop Now” with over 50 works that fit into the category of “pop art.”

As artist and curator of the POW exhibit Sean Noyce explained, “These artists are taking pop culture that’s been out there for years and years and turning it on its head.” Noyce spent a number of months curating the exhibit and looking at both local and foreign talent. As Noyce said,

“The essence of ‘pop’ is fine-tuning the visual language of corporations and advertising that we are all very familiar with.”

Those who think of art in a traditional sense will need to open their minds to enjoy this exhibit. Pop art enables the artist to take everyday objects and to turn them into artistic expressions.  The exhibit, which just opened last week, will be available to viewers daily from 12-8 pm.

Artists who are part of the POW exhibit include: video artist Forest Allread, painter Jose Arenas, painter Dan Christofferson, fiber artist Boo Davis, photographer Felix Flores, painter Erin Rachel Hudak, painter Jacqueline Levine, photographer Alfie Lee, mixed media artist Dafna Steinberg and fiber artist Katya Usvitsky. Many of them make their home in Brooklyn. described the exhibit as,

“Formally speaking, the artists’ works have familiar overtones: bright, saturated hues; bold, graphic shapes; and simple, clean lines. But just under the surface, the works communicate a heavier dialogue. Issues of race, feminism, religion, sexuality, and modern identity carry relevancy in this era of self-reflection and socialized media. These modern storytellers use their craft as a way to sublimely spread their message through an impactful and familiar medium rather than just the pure exposé of popular culture.”


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