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Brooklyn Art Collective Oxheart Holding First Event

Oxheart is a Brooklyn-based art collective which supports the work of creative artists of every variety, including musicians, photographers, writers, designers, visual artists and others. For two evenings on Friday and Saturday June 15th and 16th Oxheart will hold their first-ever event ‘Letter Red”™ at 8pm on both nights.   The public is invited to wear red to celebrate with Oxheart this special moment.

Expect to see and hear the unexpected as fire breathers and aerial performers join traditional musicians and visual artists showcasing their unique works and perspectives on the world. Oxheart is excited to feature well-established artists along with emerging artists so that the public can get to know the members of the collective more intimately. Raffles and an ‘art battle’ will add additional fun to the experience.

Don’t think guests will be able to just sit back and watch, either. ‘Letter Red’ will be an interactive happening, with voting going on all evening among the visitors to pick who will win the Oxheart People’s Choice Awards. Cash prizes will be bestowed on those artists that come in first, second and third place.

The appellation ‘Oxheart”™ says to Bryn Larson, the founder of the collective, brings to mind strength (ox) and passion/love (heart.) When people come together as a group they are stronger; and in the case of Oxheart, the collective is passionate about their love for bringing artists together to feature their work to the public.

The collective is guided by one primary idea: to provide all artists, no matter how or through what media they express their art, the chance to come together and have their work introduced to new audiences. Oxheart is for and by artists working in the New York area.

‘Letter Red’ will be held at the 12,000 square foot Gowanus Ballroom at 55 Ninth Street in Gowanus, near the subway stop at Smith and 9th Street that is still being built. Entrance at the door is $15, but if you reserve in advance on their web site, then one ticket is only $10. Drinks will be on hand.


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