Livin’ It Up at the Gowanus Ballroom

If you haven’t been to the Gowanus Ballroom yet — run (don’t walk!) — there. It’s absolutely the coolest space you can imagine and it hosts the most incredible art exhibitions and entertainment evenings ever.

The Ballroom to End All Ballrooms

The Gowanus Ballroom, located at 55 9th Street, actually used to be a steel mill in the 1800s. It’s a 12000 squre foot space with 50 foot cathedral ceilings and a 400 square foot mezzanine that is all just stunning. Josh Young came along in 2010 to redesign the space and to found Gowanus Ballroom.

Now, it’s a metal fabrication shop and a creative exhibition space that helps to feature local talent and emerging artists in the Brooklyn area.

Paint Works Coming Up

Next month they’ll be opening the Paint Works program which will include painters from the neighborhood, performance art, live bands, and many other incredible activities that Gowanus folks won’t want to miss.

Paint Works promises to have over 100 paintings, entertainment every day, acrobatic performances and much more.

This is the ballroom of the future and the place to be today!

Check out this video from one of their recent events – outrageous!


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