Is Chicken Soup Really the Best Thing for a Cold?

I am sure you have heard from your mother or your grandmother that having a bowl of hot chicken soup will help cure every ailment of the common cold. But does this delicious bowl of yummy broth really help cure the cold?

Around the 12th century the Jewish philosopher and physician Maimonides started prescribing a bowl of chicken soup. He believed and especially praised the brew’s healing power for respiratory illnesses like the common cold.

But, recently a doctor from The University of Nebraska Medical Center wanted to scientifically see if chicken soup could cure the common cold. Dr. Rennard had a theory that the soup had some anti- inflammatory actions.

He tested this theory and found that chicken soup did slow the neutrophils. He even found out that the soup helped clear a stuffy nose by inhibiting inflammation of the cells in the nasal passages.

Whether you want to believe your grandma’s explanation or Dr, Rennard, we all have to agree on one thing; chicken soup tastes delicious!

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