New York

New York: the Peacock Paradise

It’s a peacock paradise in New York, especially if you’re a peacock from the Central Park Zoo. That’s because a peacock from the zoo just hopped the fence to move into a perch on the Fifth Avenue window ledge of a lovely building. He placed himself on the ledge of the fancy 838 Fifth Avenue building and then spent hours prancing around and enjoying the attention of city dwellers.

Having a Great Time, Peacock Style

As one bystander Ashish Mahajan told the New York Post,

“He’s having a great time. He keeps looking at the window, either admiring himself or maybe he sees some food or a pretty lady inside.”

In the course of his show, the peacock actually stopped enough cars to warrant NYPD traffic agents being called from their locations.

Living the Good Life

The beauty spent nearly 24 hours on the 5th floor ledge, watching life go by in the busy city.   All attempts to coax him down and to get him into his pen failed, until one smart crew member simply left the gate to his pen open.   The bird soon jumped down from his station and waltzed back home.

If only it had been that simple with the Bronx Zoo cobra.

Zoo Safety Standards?

Zoo employees, of course, were shocked about the escape and said they had no idea how he managed his Houdini move.

And Twitter users jumped to the scene to enjoy the fiasco.

Looks like it’s time for the New York zoos to evaluate their safety measures!


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