Millenium Hilton Says “Halt the Ground Zero Noise!”

You really can’t have it both ways…although the Millenium Hilton is doing its best to do so. That’s because the Hilton just filed suit against the construction at Ground Zero, claiming it is too loud. At the same time, they are marketing their proximity to the World Trade Center and certainly using every ounce of that proximity to their advantage.

Can’t Stand the Noise

But, the Millenium Hilton tourists can’t stand that there is construction 16-20 hours a day. The hotel even installed 200 “white-noise machines” and gave out complimentary earplugs at check-in.

In the suit filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court, the hotel, with 569 rooms and 55 stories, says it

“has lost hundreds of nights’ worth of business in a single month due to customers relocating after one night of enduring noise, including the blasting of rock, and physical vibrations resulting from the construction.”

Blasting Away

The suit is asking for $8 million in damages from the Port Authority, which owns the site at Ground Zero, and from Silverstein Properties Inc, the developer of Towers 2, 3 and 4. The construction, which has continued without stop for five years, often continues past midnight. And, as the suit explains, ”have included hoe ramming, rock blasting and the dumping of large rocks and construction debris into dumpsters.”

Silverstein Properties spokesman Bud Perrone explains that the company “is committed to being a good neighbor” and that they “adhere to applicable codes.” He continued by saying that “Our World Trade Center construction operations take place during regular business hours, rather than at night.” The Port Authority did not make any comments about the suit or about their work ethics.


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