Out and About in New York This Week

It’s time to get out and enjoy the fresh air this summer. Starting this past Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., New Yorkers have been given the opportunity to get up and go. Last Saturday, and for the next two weeks, the area from Park Avenue and its connecting streets from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park will all be closed to traffic. Walkers, cyclists, skaters and any other motorless groups can enjoy time outdoors. This is all courtesy of the New York City Department of Transportation.

Gowanus Hapennings

Even better for those in the Gowanus area is that Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin are bringing a little fun back to the neighborhood right now. On Sunday afternoons through Labor Day from 3 to 9 p.m. at 400 Carroll Street between Bond and Nevins Streets, Gowanus locals will be able to party it up and enjoy themselves. These Sunday afternoon dance parties along the Gowanus Canal are a blast for everyone involved.

Great Nights Out

Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin are the hosts of the roving Mister Saturday Night parties as well. They’ll be appearing alongside the Country Boys food truck and there will also be cold-brew coffee from Botanica Bar. Beer and sangria are also available.

Explaining Their Mission

As they explain on their website, these parties thrown by Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin are supposed to create a social experience through “transcendent music and honed atmosphere.” They want to create a better life for everyone who shows up and to create an enjoyable experience. They explain that they find a great space, install the sound system, play great music, bring together people and then “you show up and make the magic happen.” It’s certainly worth the experience to see it all happen in Gowanus.

These are a few of the many summer events getting people out and about in our area, as summer winds down and we enjoy a few more weeks before hitting the books and the Fall weather.


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