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Parks Department Sponsors Snowy Day Fun Event

Parks Department's Snowy Day Fun
Parks Department’s Snowy Day Fun

While most people braced for the coming snowstorm, ready for the worst, and Mayor De Blasio warned people to stay indoors, the New York City Parks Department has something else in mind altogether.

Challenging people of all ages to bundle up and come out for some great snowy fun, the Parks Department hosted Snow Day events throughout the five newly white boroughs of the city.

“We have sledding of course, snow man making contests, snow angel contests, friendly snow fights, hot chocolate. Lots of fun out here,” said Parks Department First Deputy Commissioner Liam Kavanagh.

Rather than having a weather-related disaster on their hands, the Parks Department embraced the winter weather and organized fun events especially designed for the fluffy snow the storm left in its wake.
All ages joined in the fun as one participant explained:

“My 60-year-old mother is up there with her granddaughter,” said Christie Rodriguez. “My mother was like this is the best, we need to go, she needs to experience it.”


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