Nets Cut Their Last Tie with New Jersey

Mikhail Prokhorov, Russian politician. Taken at Press center of Interfax, Moscow. Photo by A.Savin
Mikhail Prokhorov, Russian politician. Taken at Press center of Interfax, Moscow. Photo by A.Savin

The Nets are finally completely wedded to their home court in Brooklyn, no longer having to travel back to New Jersey for practice.
“At last this day has come. The Nets are 100 percent in Brooklyn,” said Mikhail Prokhorov, owner of the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center.

“That’s presumably why we are celebrating this event with fresh-pressed juices and quinoa. In my country we would have a shot of vodka and a potato.”

The umbilical cord was finally severed with the completion of the brand new 70,000-square-foot Hospital For Special Surgery Training Center in Industry City, just one subway stop away from Barclays. The center comes complete with two full basketball courts, a weight room, locker room, and amazing views of Manhattan.

Brook Lopez, who is the Nets center, explained that the state-of-the-art facility will make it easier for the Nets to attract free-agents during the off-season, while also being an incredible tool for Nets players.

“We have everything top of the line here, all the amenities in the world,” said Lopez. “We’re finally situated in one spot here in Brooklyn. Who doesn’t want to be in Brooklyn?”

The new center is also an employment opportunity for Brooklynites. There will be at least 40 new full-time jobs available at the training center. Add that to the 200 temporary construction jobs it took to build the site, and it is clear this endeavor was welcomed by many in Brooklyn.

Rachel Thornbee

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