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Nets Owner Prokhorov Raises Eyebrows at Bid for Russian Presidency

Owner of the Nets Mikhail Prokhorov might not be totally focused on his job making the Nets the best basketball team   in the country if he will be spending much time running against the

Mikhail Prokhorov

likes of Vladimir Putin in the 2012 Russian race for president.

Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President, is one of those Nets fans worried about Prokhorov’s ability to do his US-based job properly:

“While I wish him the best of luck in his run for the Russian presidency, the Prokhorov campaign that’s the most important to Brooklyn is the campaign to bring [Orlando Magic star center] Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn Nets!”

Fellow Russian and state Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny, Brooklyn Democrat, is more concerned with Russian politics than Markowitz is:

“He presents an alternative to the Russian voters, so it’s a good sign that people are waking up” he said. “This is really an interesting process that is happening in Russia.”

Moscow born Brook-Krasny adds that being the owner of a US sports team might not be looked on favorably by voters back in Mother Russia.

“I don’t believe the American connections help, maybe it could in Moscow, but American ideals do not sit well in many other Russian regions” said Brook-Krasny.

Daniel Goldstein of DDDB

Strong feelings were elicited from Daniel Goldstein, the co-founder of Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, an organization that is against the Nets intention of building an NBA arena in Brooklyn. The venue, known as Barclay’s Center is part of the Atlantic Yards building development project.

“It is extremely troubling that the potential next president of Russia is the beneficiary of eminent domain in America and one of the most corrupt land grabs we’ve ever seen in New York City” said Goldstein. “I really feel for the Russians having to choose between a kleptocrat and a tyrant.”


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