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Hazel James: National Magazine Exchange Winner

National Magazine ExchangeHazel James of Hempstead, NY recently won the National Magazine Exchange sweepstakes. National Magazine Exchange (NME) awarded its $2.1 million “Strike It Rich VI” Grand Prize to Hazel James in June. With her family and friends by her side, James a 77-year-old widow accepted the prize. “This is one of the biggest prize give-aways in our 26 year history and we are thrilled to have such a truly outstanding winner to be awarded with the check” says Tom Ripley, President of National Magazine Exchange. “Hazel represents a lifetime of dedicated service to her family, her church, and her country. We are delighted to be instrumental in making such a deserving person our most recent multimillion-dollar winner.”

Although Hazel James will now be known as a National Magazine Exchange Winner, she has had an extraordinary career in the New York area.   Nearly 50 years ago Hazel was the first African-American woman to be given work at an assembly plant on Roosevelt Island, breaking ground for others to do the same.   Today, Hazel is a proud great-grandmother with various family members living in several areas of the USA. Hazel also has a grandson who is in the military and is based overseas.   Now retired, Hazel spends most of her time with family and friends, and does what she enjoys the most and that is singing in her church’s gospel choir every week.

“I am so thrilled to win this sweepstakes. I am truly blessed” Hazel said, commenting on her good fortune with National Magazine Exchange. “I can now do many of the things I have only dreamed about.”

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