For a Custom-Fit Bra, Olga’s is the Place

Olga’s is a shop on Nostrand Avenue and Avenue N in Brooklyn which has been selling custom-fitted bras, corsets and other items in hard-to-fit sizes for over 30 years. Olga Anhalt is the owner, opening her first store more than 40 years ago. She is an immigrant from Russia, with stops first in Poland and Israel, arriving in the U.S. in 1958.

Olga explains that when she first opened her shop, there were about 50 other shops selling custom-fit bras in Brooklyn alone. Today Olga says there might be three stores like hers.
“People that come to us, they come from all over, and they also beg us, ‘Do not close up”™” she said.

When asked if the national lingerie chains have hurt her business, Olga answers with an emphatic “No!”

“We take good care of the customers” she said. “We give them personal service, and we try to run an honest business. We’d rather not make a sale than give you something that isn’t good.”


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