Brooklyn Little League Opens with Fun Day Parade

Little League Baseball is Officially Open in Brooklyn
Little League Baseball is Officially Open in Brooklyn

The sun is finally shining, the players are thawing, the field is newly trimmed: it must be Little League opening day in Brooklyn- lets have a parade!
With smiles of excitement and joy, members of the Prospect Park Baseball Association’s Little League shared their feelings with their families as they walked down Seventh Avenue together to arrive at Prospect Park in Park Slope for Opening Day.

Mayor Bill de Blasio was on hand to toss out the first pitch of the season in front of a happy crowd feeling good that the winter seems to have once and for all come to a close.

“It’s beautiful. This is when you know spring is really happening, when you get to Opening Day of baseball” de Blasio said.

One of the parade-goers said to CBS2’s Ilana Gold that:

“It feels amazing; we’ve been waiting for weeks!”

Another participant, Patrick Watson of Carrol Gardens said:

“Thank goodness, it’s about time. We’ve all frozen through a long winter.”

When asked “How excited are you to start the season?” Florence Toimil of Prospect Park answered:

“Pretty happy. I’ve been waiting for it for a while so it’s nice.”

“I’ve been waiting for like five months” Wallace added.

City officials made sure that the fields were ready in time for Opening Day, despite the rough time they had during this year’s harsh winter.


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