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FEMA Coming Through with Funds for New Yorkers

Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn After Irene


Residents and businesses in all five New York boroughs are eligible to receive Federal Emergency Management Agency funds for damage suffered through the ravaging rain, winds and flooding caused by Hurricane Irene in late August.

FEMA stated that many New Yorkers have not yet made claims for funds which they are entitled to, noting that aid is now available to both homeowners and those just renting their living space.

Anyone in New York who suffered damage, both residents and government officials, should register on line at to begin the process. There is a 60 day limit in which homeowners must register their losses and apply for FEMA aid.

Forty-two people lost their lives in 12 states along the eastern seaboard of the United States last month due to Irene .

The economic damage of the storm, though less than what was expected before the storm struck, was nevertheless enormous.   Estimates of the cost of the storm range from $7 billion to $13 billion, including lost revenue due to the shutting down of all subway, bus and commuter rail service. It is also estimated that about 10,000 scheduled flights were cancelled in the days leading up to and subsequent to the arrival of Irene.


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