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At Yeshivah University the Book Still Lives

yeshiva university seforim sale
Book Fair at YU

Mosey on up to Washington Heights and remember the world of actual, printed and bound books between two covers. With the race to go “paperless” and get all our reading materials in digital form, for many of us booklovers the Yeshiva University Seforim Sale (seforim is the Hebrew word for books) is truly a breath of fresh air with a hint of that old library fragrance.

The Seforim Sale at Yeshiva University is more than a magnificent collection of contemporary books and sacred texts. With more than 15,000 visitors each year and about $1 million in sales, it is something of an annual homecoming at YU. It is also a very complex, million-dollar undertaking that is operated entirely by students, who have the opportunity to perform all the planning, ordering, coding, marketing and other tasks required to make a business succeed.

The book fair opened this past Sunday and will be continuing until February 27th.


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