Rare Bird Blows into Brooklyn

Dec 03, 15 Rare Bird Blows into Brooklyn

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Some people ogle movie stars, others like sports heroes, and then there are those who plotz for plumage. If you are one of the latter, then get out your binoculars, and head out to Prospect Park in the heart of Brooklyn, and see if you can’t get a gander of an extraordinarily rare site: a beautifully colored Painted Bunting. This bird, known to some as the “Liberace bird” is remarkable in its appearance. A little finch-like creature, he has a brilliant indigo head, bright yellow shoulders, and wings which transitions smoothly from chartreuse to green. Insuring that all the color groups are included, his breast is a lovely combination of scarlet and burnt sienna. The bird was visible for four straight days, and has never before appeared in Brooklyn. It is almost never seen anywhere north of Arkansas. If you want a glimpse of this bird you will have to fight the crowds, who must try and get a view of him between the brown native grasses planted outside the LeFrak Center skating rink complex. Speculation about why the bird might be visiting Brooklyn raged. To see an adult male so far afield is quite perplexing, considering their usual winter quarters are Florida and Mexico. Perhaps he was carried on a wind from the west, and considering the warm November temperatures New York has been experiencing, decided to stay. The native grasses could also be a factor attracting the fine feathered friend. One observer, Scott Schulman, manager of LeFrak Center was awed by the site of this eye-popping creature. “That was remarkable, to say the least” he said....

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Capers Nominated for US Attorney Slot

Oct 12, 15 Capers Nominated for US Attorney Slot

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The White House announced last week that it was nominating Robert L. Capers, Brooklyn’s federal prosecutor, to the position of United States attorney covering the Eastern District. That includes Queens, Staten Island, Long Island as well as Brooklyn. Capers is 44, and has served as prosecutor for over 20 years and in the Eastern District since 2003. He is now the senior prosecutor in the public integrity unit of the district. His father and brother both worked in the New York Police Department. If Capers is elected he will replace Loretta Lynch. Lynch left her position in April as the Eastern District’s US attorney to become the US attorney general. Kelly T. Currie has been acting as the Eastern District’s AG since Lynch’s...

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The Laughs Grow in Brooklyn

Aug 20, 15 The Laughs Grow in Brooklyn

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Ever since 2013 New Yorkers have been treated to a comedy festival with that special Brooklyn flare, unexpectedly known as The Brooklyn Comedy Festival. This year the festival runs from Sunday, August 19 to Sunday, August 27, and is a full week of non-stop laughter. First conceived by comics Julian Kiani and Chris Nester several years back, the pair recruited producer Ashleigh Walker and started the festival in 2013. Unlike some of the better known comedy festivals like Just for Laughs in Montreal and the New York Comedy Festival, which feature superstar comics and pricey entrance fees; The Brooklyn Comedy Festival is much more than stand-up, features up and coming comic artists, and strictly maintains ticket prices at earth-bound numbers. Just compare the $150 ticket price for the NY Comedy Festival with a $20 entrance fee for Brooklyn’s festival. But it’s not just the price that is different. The types of performances are eclectic: it’s not at all just stand-up. “God forbid this ever becomes just a stand-up comedy festival” Mr. Nester said, “because there is so much great comedy in and around New York City and Brooklyn that is sketch and improv and musical comedy.” To keep things really interesting, this festival is not afraid to invite comedians from other cities, something smaller festivals tend to shy away from. This year audiences will be able to enjoy talent from as far away as Boston, Chicago, and Washington. “We do want to be more inclusive” Mr. Kiani said. “It is the Brooklyn scene that we’re celebrating, but it is a comedy festival in...

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Despite Odds Girl with CP Graduates Top in Class, Inspires Classmates

Jun 28, 15 Despite Odds Girl with CP Graduates Top in Class, Inspires Classmates

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One young woman from Brooklyn showed her classmates, and the world, that no matter the challenges, with enough hard work and will power, success is still attainable. Johileny Meran delivered the Valedictorian speech on Friday at the Juan Morel Campos Secondary School in Brooklyn. She graduated the top of her class and received a full scholarship to study at New York University despite the fact that she has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheel chair. Her accomplishment is even more remarkable since her mother died five years ago from cancer, and she grew up in a homeless shelter. “I made it through. I was able to overcome many of the things that stood in my way,” she said. Her remarks brought many present at the graduation ceremony to tears. Her obviously proud uncle said, “It’s a good feeling when somebody have the power, the inspiration to keep going, working for something she believed in.” Her school counselor Mariela Regaldo stated, “The best thing about her, she doesn’t give up.” Meran is planning to study neuroscience at NYU. She says she would like to help find a cure for cancer, an illness that took her mother, taught her about loss, and how to overcome hardships. “It inspired, she inspired me to keep going and that’s why I’m here today,” Meran said about cancer and her...

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Celebrities to Attend Super Pet Adoption Event

Dec 14, 14 Celebrities to Attend Super Pet Adoption Event

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Beginning on Friday, December 12 and continuing on until Sunday, December 14, New York’s Best Friends Animal Society will be holding the first event of its kind in the city, the New York City Super Adoption event. The Animal Society is bringing together over 800 dogs, cats and rabbits for people to choose from to bring home and make a part of their families. The animals will all be mustered together at the Brooklyn EXPO Center at 70 Franklin Street in Greenpoint. Not only will some adorable four-legged mammals be on hand, but some mammals of the two-legged variety will also be in attendance to enhance the festive atmosphere which will be present at the adoption event. Visitors can expect to see Edie Falco, Bernadette Peters, Emma Kenny (“Shameless”), Amir Arison (“The Blacklist”), David Mazouz (“Gotham”), John Doman (“Gotham”), Jake Robinson (“Odyssey”), and Nate Mooney (“Odyssey”), and let’s not forget Santa along with Marnie the dog. Visitors, who will not be asked to pay any entrance fee, will be regaled with music, local food trucks and a pet gift fair. Prizes will be awarded throughout the weekend. Adoption fees will begin as low as $25. The Super Adoption event begins at 11am each day, and continues until 7pm each night, except for Sunday when the party closes at...

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