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Waterfront Commission in New York Investigating Petty Theft?

Stolen Goods

In a story reminiscent of “Captain Queeg’s search for the culprit who stole the strawberries” the Waterfront Commission has spent thousands of dollars and many hours tracking down the villain or villains responsible for the theft of a hot dog and iced tea lunch estimated to be valued at $3.00.

The agency responsible for watching the waterfront for major crimes including mob activities, drug dealing and smuggling has ordered an intensive investigation of the wrongful taking of a piece of sausage and a drink involving interviews over many man-hours dating back to last August, and despite the fact that the victim is not in a hurry to press charges.

The state Representative from New Jersey, Raymond Lesniak, has been a strong critic of the Waterfront Commission, a bi-state agency policing the docks in New York and New Jersey.

The General Counsel representing the Waterfront Commission, Phoebe Soriel said that the case is more complicated than it appears at first glance, although declining to go into the details of the investigation.

“While the commission does not comment on pending investigations, it takes any theft in the port seriously – especially theft involving extortion,” she said without explaining in more detail.


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