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Tech Company Hiring in DUMBO

Eric Alterman: Flow CEO and Founder
If you’re looking for work in the Brooklyn area, pay attention to what is happening with Flow. Flow is a tech company that is growing in DUMBO and plans to hire hundreds of skilled workers in the years ahead.

Looking Ahead

As Flow CEO and founder Eric Alterman said,

“Nine workers to 900 is not a pipe dream; it’s a five-year plan.”

Alterman predicts that the financial center is moving to DUMBO. As he said, “The Stock Exchange is located on Wall Street, but the world’s data exchange is going to be located in DUMBO.”

During 2012, Alterman is planning to slowly and consistently hire with acceleration later in the year. He’s hoping, but 2013 to have a staff of 75. And he hopes to remain with DUMBO as he makes the business bigger.

Alterman History

Alterman has the history behind him to back up his plans. Before Flow, Alterman launched quite a few tech companies, some that has upwards of 200 employees. MeshNetworks, for instance, was acquired by Motorola for $230 million in 2004. He also started KickApps which was purchased by another firm last January.

Now, with Flow, Alterman has managed to raise $3.3 million in initial funding from investors that include Birnberg Group, Kappa East, BH Ventures and others. Sometime next month he’ll be opening and to the public.

It’s definitely a company worth watching in Brooklyn.

Picture from Handout for the New York Daily News.


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