New York to Be Mosquito Playground This Summer

Increased Mosquito Numbers Could Bring Larger Threat of West Nile Virus

Experts are expecting a worse than usual mosquito problem this coming summer. The warmer than normal winter, combined with a mild and wet spring are factors contributing to an explosion in the number of mosquitoes visiting New Yorkers for their meals in the months to come.

Mosquitos breed in standing water, such as birdbaths, un-emptied buckets, and ponds. These pesky pests have even been known to lay their eggs in paper cups and bottle caps. One superintendent from the Mosquito Vector Control Center for Suffolk County has recommended that citizens participate in reducing the egg laying possibilities for mosquitoes by emptying all standing water after every rainfall.

Mosquitoes are not just an annoying nuisance that buzz in our ears when we are trying to sleep, or sting us while we are enjoying an outdoor concert or picnic, or give us itchy, painful welts impossible not to scratch. Because mosquitoes are vectors for serious illnesses, such as West Nile Virus, which caused 11 people to become sick in 2010, two of whom died, the mosquito problem is a serious issue for Department of Health officials.

When the mosquito population gets out of control professionals are called into action. Jim Skinner, the owner of A&C Pest Management Company commented on the situation:

“Everybody’s talking about how bad it could be” says Skinner. “You know when you have a cold winter, regardless of the species, you get a good kill. And so without a winter, it should be a really good year for insects. And mammals, too. We’ve seen an uptick in mice already.”


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