New York

Relocating for Quality of Life

Certainly, before moving to a new place, people need to get a feel for the apartment building options, the job opportunities and more. Whether moving in August or April, renters will want to understand the basic weather conditions and know what they are getting into before making the big move. Most people move from one building to another or one city to another for various reasons, the most common of which is usually job related.

One place that is creating quite a buzz as of late for people is in Michigan, and is the city of Leslie. The Westreich family, formerly of Miami, Florida, realized their dream of finding a quaint, family oriented location in Leslie. The husband reports that, as an attorney dealing with the law, he had a difficult time keeping up with the rent in their building in Florida and found that many of the tenants of his Florida Hill apartment complex couldn’t afford it. Rather than struggling to make ends meet in the building, and being frustrated tenants, they found a new home in Leslie. Westreich had scouted ahead for the family and had liked the culture that he saw.

In addition to the small feel, a city like Leslie (or Clinton, Mississippi or similarly small town locations) offers great job opportunities for a lawyer, doctor, teacher and others. For this reason, and many others, it was perfect for them in Leslie. Dealing with the law, Westreich actually has an interesting specialty. As a lawyer, he works specifically with lawyers who are threatened with being disbarred and who are dealing with disbarment issues, and he found the atmosphere one that was able to take off the pressure from his high-pressured job with lawyers facing disbarment.

Tenants paying rent in Leslie (or Clinton or Mentor City, Ohio) will find the rent to be unquestionably reasonable and the apartment options plentiful. There are 27 apartment building sites from which to choose in Leslie, each of which offers great amenities, rolling hills for fun in August and safe environments only offered in Leslie. Westreich found the apartment owner to be charming and straightforward and he was quite comfortable with the recommendations that he received from other tenants to move into the Windham Hills apartment complex.

While he is working with lawyers facing disbarment and people who are scared of being disbarred, his wife teaches at the local public school academy called White Pine Academy. Their two daughters, August and Alexis, enjoy life there, with approximately 2050 residents in the area. With Huntoon Creek to explore, Main Street for shopping, the tenants at Windham Hills as friends, and the local movie theater, the girls have plenty of activities and interests at hand.

Overall, people like this family are finding areas with smaller populations to be much to their liking. There are certainly many other similar places from Clinton to Mentor City and beyond. Westreich readily admits that, while he enjoys Leslie, he could have found similarly affordable rent, interesting people, great building locations, nice tenants and more in other similarly-sized locations. As an attorney working with those having difficulties and problems with disbarment and the threat of being disbarred, he enjoys the ability to escape his job pressures in a serene living environment. Many others, from the high-pressured attorney dealing with the law to the art teacher are finding this to be a great answer to the modern pressures facing so many today.


James Allenby is the editor of Gowanus Lounge, bringing to his position a vast background on New York, and especially Brooklyn history, culture and lifestyle. Born and bred in the heart of "the County of Kings" James Allenby knows what it means to be a Brooklynite, and imparts this meaning at all times to his readers. Contact James at info(at)